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Projects: BAR001-01 Formula 1

This customer car is one of a rare breed of race cars. The FIA Formula 1 series is the ultimate competition formula for manufactures and fans alike. Worldwide it is second only to Football....er...I mean Soccer in terms of following.

In the late 1990’s a small group of investors came together to provide then World F1 Champion, Jacques Villeneuve with suitable ride to campaign in the 1999 season. The quickest way to develop a team and car was to purchase an existing F1 team. That team was Tyrrell who had brought Jackie Stewart three World Championships in the 60s and 70s, and introduced a succession of innovation into F1.

The Tyrrell P34 6 wheel Formula 1 car driven by Ronnie Peterson in the 1977 Long Beach Grand Prix was one of the many innovative designs by Ken Tyrrell and company.

In 1998 the BAR (British American Racing) team was formed and in 1999 its first car was produced – BAR001-01. It is this car that made its way from construction in the Brackley factory in England to its current home in Sparks where preparation for historic racing is underway.

Arrival in it's new home. The BAR001-01 arrived in September 2011 after its month long voyage from across the pond. The car is in the "Lucky Strike" livery instead of the original black, blue, and grey color scheme of the car before sponsorship was finalized.

When British American Tobacco came into the team as sponsor, they had each car in a different color scheme - one for Lucky Strike (the American brand) and one for 555 (the European brand). This didn't sit well with the FIA who demanded both cars wear the same colors. In response BAR painted the cars in a split color scheme with one half the Lucky Srike - the other 555.

So far, this has been a great journey. We’ve been learning more about the car and its history as we’ve been getting it apart. The investigation into the design of the car is coinciding with the investigation into the build and history of the team. This has led us to talking with some of the designers and engineers who were involved with the creation of this incredible machine.  

Since this is an on-going project that’s been attracting a lot of interest, we’ll be starting a blog shortly that will follow its progress.