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It’s like a doctor trying to diagnose a patient without ever seeing or talking to them. Once in a while they’ll get it right, but most often you’ll need to make that office visit.

Without checking the vehicle first, a skilled technician can’t determine what parts or service is necessary, let alone make an accurate estimate of what it will take to get your car running right.

At C&C we use the best diagnostic tools, the expertise, and the experience to determine what is needed for your vehicle. You won’t get “Menu Pricing” from us. You’ll get an accurate estimate of what is needed and how the work will be done.

Beware of shops that give you a quote over the phone. Most likely they’re just trying to get you in the door. Once they do, you’ll see the price go up substantially.

If you’d like to get a “ballpark” figure as to what the cost might be for routine maintenance or repairs – there is an on-line service that might be what you’re after. With your vehicle information (make, model, and year) go to RepairPal.com for a quick estimate.