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About Us

We started in 1995 with a small garage and a passion for what we do: diagnose and repair vehicle problems, maintain complex machinery, engineer solutions, and make cars perform to their potential.  For most production cars and their owners, this means increasing reliability, maximizing vehicle life, and minimizing the overall cost per mile.  

We have changed size and shop locations over the years to reflect our economy and that of our customers in order to provide excellent service and value for our workmanship.


Our Philosophy

It’s not a car unless it runs - and it doesn’t run if it’s not reliable.

We believe that your vehicle, whether a vintage racer, a modern super car, or your daily driver, must be properly maintained to insure it’s best and most economical performance. It doesn’t make sense to neglect your maintenance and then expect to get the most out of your car. That’s why we work with our customers to keep their vehicles running at their best.